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Cantilever Pumps

Cantilever Pumps are centrifugal pumps commonly used in sump pump applications. They are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and many styles including submersible motors. They are frequently used in slurry and solids handling applications. Cantilever pumps offer a number of advantages specifically for use in watery or other liquid-filled environments. They have no submerged seals, bearings, bushings, or suction check valves. The cantilever or overhung shaft is supported by heavy-duty ball bearings that are located above the pumped liquid. Many varieties of cantilever pumps are designed with additional features to allow for long service life in demanding conditions. Some employ a shaft-mounted agitator to stir settled solids, helping to maintain a clean and maintenance free sump. Pump life is increased due to this reduction of cycling. Other types are designed to operate continuously, even when dry, without wearing out. There are also a variety of material options for corrosion and abrasion resistance.Cantilever pumps are available with a number of different impeller types, which change the nature of the flow through the pump.

Single stage impeller pumps have one rotor to impart motion to the fluid. Double stage pumps have two impellers, and perform like two pumps linked in a series. Large, multiple stage pumps are also available, which offer the functionality of a number of pumps in a series.Aside from sump pump applications, cantilever pumps are widely used in other industrial applications where liquids or slurries are passed and processed. They can be found in chemical processing plants, waste treatment facilities, in food processing, paper and pulp making, steel and other metal processing, mining, and in power generation including coal, nuclear and electrical generating stations.