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Kiwi Pumps engage in continuous product R & D which result in quality product with improved consistency and more reliability with economic power consumption.

Workshop R & D

Kiwi Pumps carries out R&D work in developing specific pumpsets that are required for common use purposes.

One area where Kiwi Pumps has contribution significantly is development of 3” borehole submersible pumps for use in India, for the first time. At present Kiwi Pumps is the leading manufacturer of 3” borehole submersible pumps and markets the products through distributors/dealers. In addition the company manufacturers & supplies 3” borehole & submersible pumps to leading manufacturers of submersible pumps.

Kiwi pumps has also developed & supplied all SS units of 6” size for salt manufacturing units, where corrosion resistance is the main criteria.

R&D work goes on, on a continuous basis to improve to performance of motor, pump which will help in achieving a high efficiency.

Other areas of developmental works are to develop the components which are simple & cost effective, easily assembled & easy to repair etc.