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Fountain Pumps

Fountain Pumps are designed to supply flow of water to fountains and devices used for aesthetic purposes and aeration in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Fountain pumps may be configured for use indoors or outdoors and are typically differentiated by the size of the pool or pond and whether the application is decorative or functional. Some fountain pumps are even solar powered and can work in conjunction with a well pump to create special garden or landscape features such as waterfalls.Decorative fountain pumps come in a variety of configurations, including small indoor pumps that are submersible. A submersible pump used in an indoor water fountain is usually smaller than an outdoor pump, and is differentiated by the number of gallons it can pump in an hour.

Most outdoor pumps are also submersible and pump substantially more water per hour than an indoor fountain pump. Decorative fountain pumps can also be used in tabletop or garden fountains, where the fountain machinery itself is contained in an above-ground reservoir or sump rather than a pond or pool. A fountain pump can function like a sump pump, except that the water is fed back into the pond or reservoir rather than out of it.Fountain pumps for industrial applications are used to aerate wastewater produced from manufacturing processes, to treat sewage, or to treat water for municipal use. Fountain pumps are also used to circulate stagnant water to reduce the build up of algae or the population of mosquitoes.

A fountain pump is typically a centrifugal pump, which moves water using pressure from the centrifugal force created by the movement of the impeller. The liquid pump moves the water to an aerator or a fountain device that sprays water from the surface. The free flowing water gathers oxygen as it falls back to the surface, providing aeration and enabling microbial action in the breakdown of wastewater or providing oxygenation for fish in ponds or farming tanks.