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Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot

Winning Strategy

  • Kiwi Pumps was promoted in the year 1999, arising from the separation of a previous company with 15 years experience by a team of high motivated, quality conscious and technology- Savvy Brothers. The promoters are competent, innovative and independent. Two realities with years of experience in the sector, the integration of the technical and production know-how has permitted the creation of precious synergies, that still constitute an important point of force, to the advantage of the company.

  • In particular the decentralization of production towards a network for the supply of semi-finished products and intermediate materials has allowed maintaining great elasticity in production and at the same time guarantee the product quality in line with the best standards in the sector, preserving a high degree of personalization of the product according to the needs of particular demands.

  • The partnership connection that was established with third party networks, together with shrewd management of the stock has led to a reduction in the time between reception of the client's order and satisfying the request to minimum.

  • Main focus of the company was & is to manufacture QUALITY PUMPS which will consume less energy, have long life, easily repairable. To achieve the above set goals, good quality raw materials are used; inspection at various stages of production is carried out; final product is tested for performance and packed properly & dispatched the material so as to reach the end customer without any damage.

  • To achieve the above results consistently, the company has adopted ISO 9001 system in the year 2003 and the same has helped the company, immensely.

  • The company has also obtained IS mark for its products from Bureau of Indian Standards, giving the confidence on QUALITY of the product to the consumer.

  • Transparent policies are adopted in carrying out the business with different distributors / dealers which again has given good potential to expand the business.