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Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot

Customer Satisfaction

KIWI PUMPS has adopted ISO 9001:2000 system and the main aim is to take care of the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Customer Focus:

Materials are supplied as per the customers order, viz.,

  • - Quantity.
  • - Variety.
  • - Timely dispatched.
  • - Type of packing.
  • - Transport Selection.

Special Requirement OF Customer:

In addition to our regular products, request for special products are received. It is the endeavor of the company to see that special characteristics are in built into the products, to satisfy the specific requirement of the customer. Some of the special requests are :-

  • - Size of end connection.
  • - Special packaging requirement.
  • - Special colours of paints used etc.

Customer Grievances:

As with the business, certain grievances would also be arising. Prompt action is taken to remove any irritants so that grievances are reduced at the first place. Main grievances that the unit gets are :

  • Supply of material at short notice period in the season. We do inform, the customers, the minimum time required to supply the materials.
  • Quality related problems are very few and the reasons are
    1. Quality raw materials are used.
    2. Proper processes are adopted at different stages of manufacture etc.

Customer Feedback

As a part of ISO-9001:2000 system, the company collects feedback from the customers at regular intervals. Such feedbacks are by various methods, viz.,

  • - By sending a standard format & collecting the data.
  • - From our marketing personnel, while they interact with customers during tours.
  • - As and when the customers visit the unit.

  • We also send the information, such as ACTION TAKEN, based on the feedback received from various sources.

    The company receives CUSTOMER PROPERTY, such as LABLES, INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS which are to used before dispatching the products. The company takes care of keeping such property, safely.

Customer Communication

It is very important to have good communication between the unit & the CUSTOMERS for the growth of the business. Various steps are taken to achieve the above goal.

Product Literature:

Each of our distributor / dealer are given PRODUCT LITERATURE, which explains various factors, such as type of materials used, performance characteristics, prices etc. which will help in understanding the product quality and also compare with similar products available in the market.

Product Data:

In addition to the above, related product data, i.e. how to install, how to maintain, related materials required to install & use our products etc. are provided.

Service Information:

Installation & maintenance booklet gives broad guidelines and helps in carrying out minor service requirements. In case of major problem, the dealer distributor will help in carrying out the services. It required, the company also helps in providing services of special nature.

Call Back Services:

The type of product is such that CALLBACK SERVICES are in general not required. In case of any manufacturing defect, the company does the necessary rectification, free of charges.


In general the company offers warranty for the products for a period of one year, for any kind of manufacturing defects. Most of the time, it is observed that the products fails due to 1) Low voltage and 2) Improper installation.

ISO-9001:2000 / Quality Certification:

The company has adopted ISO-9001:2000 system and has informed all its customers about this fact.


The company does issue advertisements in technical magazines on PUMPS and thus communicate the information to the dealers/distributor/customers about the product, company's philosophy, introduction of new items etc.

Customer Service

All the pumps purchased from KIWI PUMPS or through our nationwide distribution network has the backup of our customer service facilities. Our aim is to offer you the support you need to keep your pumps working efficiently to ensure long, trouble free operation.

To provide better service to our customers, we provide specialized training to the technicians, installation personnel on our products, care to be taken during installation, how to analyze faults & carry-out rectification by carrying our minor repairs at the site etc.

KIWI PUMPS is committed to provide the highest levels of customer service and welcomes the feedback. You may send your suggestions & comments as to how we can improve our service or what additional services are required.