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Human Resource Development

"We get things moving". Of course, that applies literally to us as a pump manufacturer, but also in its figurative sense to the KIWI PUMPS team. We are in constant motion to improve established designs, to increase the benefit to the customer by innovative product, service and quality, but mainly to make innovations with new ideas, securing further advantages on the market for ourselves, proving our competence and securing and increasing our market success.


Above objectives can only be achieved if the whole team stands behind this ambition, regardless of which job each one is doing.

KIWI PUMPS offers a dynamic, professional and diverse work environment with full freedom to work. Kiwi pumps offers individuals with an opportunity to participate in a dynamic, multi disciplined world class company.

We are driven by curiosity and GOD seems to have blessed us with common sense, simplicity, integrity and a compelling desire to stay away from routine works.

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

In any business, to be successful, CUSTOMERS are to be satisfied. To do so, employees have to be active & enthusiastic participants. The company maintains good human relationship with all the employees by taking care of various requirements.


The employees are trained at frequent intervals in different areas such as:

  • Productivity.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Quality Circles etc.

which are all going to enhance the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Employees Recognition:

All the employees work in a free atmosphere and there is no POLICING of the work. This gives great freedom to the employees and they are also proud to be a part of such a company.


Suggestions by each of the employee are welcome. Discussions are held on such suggestions and decisions are taken to implement useful decisions. Based on the nature & quality of the suggestions, rewards are given while meetings are organized. The self esteem of each of the employee increases by such acts.

Social Benefits:

Even through the unit is very small unit, social benefits are given to the employees. Some such examples are :

  1. Accident insurance: Rs.10 Lakh for marketing personnel and Rs 1 lakh for workers Medical Benefits.
  2. Medical benefits: All the workers are covered by ESIC scheme for medical purposes.
  3. Dresses: Office staff & workers are provided with dresses.

Fair Business Practices:

The company follows FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES by adopting transparent system of working. The pricing, discount structure etc. are all common to each & every distributor/ dealer. Such a policy has helped the organization in smooth functioning of the unit.

Ethical Standards:

The company bills all the products sold to the distributors / dealers / direct customers in rear cases and follows all the tax rules & Regulation. All the taxes are paid in time. No cases have come up at any time w.r.t such non compliance.

Courtesy Towards Customers:

The unit exists because of the customer & every one in the organization shows highest level of curtesy towards the customer. All the people take care of the customer requirements at the highest possible level.