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Engineering Services

KIWI PUMPS engineering services.


Pioneering new pump technology has always been at the core of KIWI PUMPS' strategic plan. Over the years KIWI PUMPS has developed many new pump designs that have become industry standards, like the vertical cantilever design we developed over 40 years ago. Our wealth of application experience provides us with a valuable perspective in analyzing any pump system needs. Engineers and plant operators throughout the world call on us to help design their pumping system, because they know KIWI PUMPS can deliver solutions.


Performance matched design means the application is fully evaluated before a pump solution is engineered. Specifications of materials and design tolerances requires a comprehensive understanding of the many hydraulic and mechanical variables involved in a pumping application. All component materials are carefully studied before recommendations are made or prototypes produced. The marriage of our design process with computer technology makes the production of dimensional drawings, standard tolerance analysis, and other engineering tasks more accurate and meaningful.

Engineering Design

Fully utilizing the depth and breadth of our design engineering means supporting our engineers with design tools at the cutting edge of current technology. KIWI PUMPS has continually invested in and updated its CAD equipment and computer peripherals. These tools enable our design engineers to have access to a wealth of hydraulic, material, and mechanical information as an integral part of the design process. Our current capabilities also permit direct communications with our manufacturing equipment. Our goal for every pump project is to produce a heavy-duty, industrial pump that operates more reliably and efficiently while reducing maintenance and downtime.

Computer Aided Design

In-house finite elements analysis capabilities facilitate computer modeling of critical components to determine stresses under load and pressure. Computer modeling enables our engineers to approximately match all the hydraulic variables to the demands of the application. Specific modeling attention to the impeller (or propeller), volute, diffuser, and suction/discharge port design provides engineers with valuable information used to properly specify the parameters of these critical components. Regardless of the type or size of pump required, Lawrence Pumps Inc. can assure optimum efficiency through duty- matched hydraulic engineering.